OrbSys shower system allows water to be reused

Lack of water is one of the main problems all over the world, especially in the third world countries. The solution is offered by the Swiss designer Mehrdad Mahjobi, who presented the unique shower unit OrbSys.

The OrbSys shower unit purifies water, which can then be reused for domestic use. Moreover, the water is purified to such an extent that it can be drunk.

According to the developer, a 10-minute shower using the new shower system will consume only 5 liters of water. For comparison, taking a regular shower consumes at least 150 liters. Using the OrbSys shower system saves up to 90% water and up to 80% energy.

According to the author's idea, while taking a shower, water will drain into a special hole, filtered, and then, having already heated up to a certain temperature, will again flow into the shower head.

By the way, showers in spaceships function according to a similar scheme. And it was the "space shower" that inspired the designer to create a unique system.

The developer does not disclose the operating principle of the water filtration system. Most likely, powerful filters located in the pan will be used for cleaning.