Provide yourself with electricity while sitting at your desk

If you have dreamed of living as a hermit away from civilization all your life, but at the same time having access to electricity (just in case), then the New York company Pedal Power has something for you. The firm has developed a design that will allow, sitting at a table and simply pedaling, to generate electricity.

Pedal Power offers two modifications of this useful device: Big Rig and Genny. The first includes a seat, a table top, as well as a pedal mechanism, a generator, and even a battery for storing the hard-generated electricity. The Genny modification is a more compact and budget option.

The idea of ​​recharging gadgets from electricity generated by pedals is actually nothing new. However, the model developed by Pedal Power is a very balanced device in terms of efficiency.

According to the manufacturer, with the help of the invention, the "average" adult will be able to make a laptop work for two hours. Either, as an alternative, to pump about 20 liters of liquid per minute, or to grind grain - this is also possible with the device.

The only downside to the Pedal Power's ingenious design is the high price tag, starting at $ 2, 000 for the Advanced Big Rig and $ 650 for the base Genny (does not include an electric generator). Those who have not yet lost the desire to generate electricity on their own can go to the project page on Kickstarter for more information.