Lapa - a unique keychain for finding lost items

Startup Lapa Studio presented its new development - a small keychain for finding lost things. A project called Lapa has already been launched on the international online fundraising platform IndieGoGo.

Lapa, as mentioned above, is a key fob with which you will never lose your keys, wallet, luggage or even your car. It has a built-in GPS sensor and a wireless Bluetooth module, with which the key fob will connect to smartphones or tablets. Using a special application, information about the current location of the key fob will be displayed on the screen of the mobile gadget. And if you lose it, the keychain will beep.

Now developers are raising money to start mass production of Lapa. They need 75 thousand dollars, 17 thousand of which have already been raised on IndieGoGo. Lapa can be ordered for $ 29. The keychain is available in three colors - white, black and turquoise.

The principle of operation of Lapa is similar to the Philips InRange key fob, which we have already talked about earlier.