The Chinese introduced a "smart" air conditioner with Internet access

Chinese company Hisense has officially unveiled the world's first internet-enabled air conditioner. It was developed in conjunction with the social microblogging service Sina Weibo (the Chinese equivalent of Twitter).

"Smart air conditioner", according to the manufacturer, is intended for use in everyday life. Thanks to the support of the Internet, users will be able to control the air conditioner through their Sina Weibo account. They, being even at a considerable distance from the air conditioner, will be able to control energy consumption, set the required temperature and humidity in the room. Moreover, each air conditioner will have a separate account and the user needs to add it to his friends. Management will be carried out through private messages.

According to Hisense developers, the smart air conditioner was inspired by the success of smart TVs and refrigerators, which are now at their peak.

The retail sales of Hisense's new air conditioners will start soon. The cost of the new item has not yet been specified.