KlimaJack - vest with built-in air conditioning

It's summer now and many of us are suffering from the heat. Yes, in such cases fans and air conditioners come to the rescue, but what about those who are forced to be outside for a long time or in a stuffy room. The German scientist found a way out. He created a special vest with built-in air conditioning.

Professor of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Wilhelm Storck officially presented his new invention. The gadget, named KlimaJack, is a vest with a built-in air conditioning system, which looks like a bulletproof vest. Moreover, it weighs only 200 grams.

Built-in fans and sensors are controlled by a small removable module located in the side pocket of the vest. It reflects readings such as the pulse and body temperature of a person, as well as the temperature and humidity of the surrounding air. By the way, you can control the vest from a smartphone or tablet with a special application installed.

According to the inventor himself, the KlimaJack vest was designed primarily for police officers and bodyguards. It will keep them from sweating even on the hottest and sultry days.

It is not yet clear whether the unusual KlimaJack vest will go on sale or not.