Samsung will pay $ 10,000 for the best flexible display concept

Samsung is one of the first to create and mass-produce flexible displays. True, she still does not know where to use them, except in UltraHD TVs. Now, designers, developers and ordinary users are invited to “throw up” Samsung the idea of ​​using flexible displays.

Samsung has announced the launch of the "Flexible Future Business Plan Competition" program in the United States, whereby anyone can submit a concept of flexible display devices. The "concept" display must be between one and 20 inches in diagonal. The tender application must also indicate the estimated cost of such a device and its competitiveness.

The promotion will be valid from August 29 to October 6 of the current year inclusive. According to the results of the competition, Samsung will select three best works, the authors of which will receive a monetary reward. For the first place Samsung will pay 10 thousand US dollars, and for the second and third places - 5 and 2, 5 thousand dollars, respectively.

I would like to note that according to rumors, at the beginning of September this year at the international exhibition IFA 2013 in Berlin, Samsung will officially announce a smart wristwatch with a flexible display.