American presented a prototype of a unique camera that can be played in football

American inventor Steve Hollinger presented perhaps the most unusual gadget in recent years. He demonstrated a prototype of an unusual camera called Squitio. You can literally play football with it, since it is built into a regular ball.

I note that he received a patent for an unusual gadget a couple of years ago, but he managed to create a fully working prototype only now. As mentioned above, the device is a camera built into a ball, and, according to the inventor, is suitable for both entertainment and reconnaissance.

According to Steve Hollinger himself, his camera has a 360-degree viewing angle and support for infrared shooting, optical stabilization and thermal imaging, which allows it to be used not only for games, but also for military operations. Squitio can take panoramic shots.

The author notes that he is ready to cooperate with various companies to start mass production of the Squitio device.