Isaac Newton studied the Great Pyramid of Giza to calculate the date of the biblical apocalypse

At the Sotheby auction, several fragments of manuscripts created by the legendary scientist Isaac Newton, but previously practically unknown, are put up for sale. The physicist himself never planned to publish them, and those who analyzed his legacy did not do this, so as not to spoil the reputation of the genius. There is even a legend that Newton's dog named Diamant purposely dropped a candle and started a fire in order to destroy these seditious and really dangerous papers at that time.

The lots on display are scattered charred sheets of handwritten text that is very difficult to understand. Unlike other, ordered records, here Newton expounded his thoughts for himself, jumping from one topic to another. The scientist was widely known for not being limited to physics alone, but now we know that he also seriously studied alchemy, magic, occultism and ancient myths. In a word, everything that today is called pseudoscience, but in the 17th century was strongly condemned both by the church and the emerging scientific community.

Newton treated such matters as a scientist and reasoned something like this: if a huge pyramid was built in Ancient Egypt, which has been standing for several thousand years, then the engineers there had real knowledge that would be useful to him himself to study the world. Newton believed that the Egyptians used complex alchemical compositions to process materials and tools. In addition, it is impossible to build such a colossal structure without knowledge of gravity - the principle that interested him most.

Those who are willing to pay $ 375, 000 or more for the charred leaves will be able to read the scientist's reasoning about the "royal elbow" - a mystical unit of measurement that supposedly underlies the calculations of the pyramid builders. Newton believed that if he understood and defined it, he would be able to discover unknown and very effective geometric schemes from the times of Ancient Egypt. And this, in turn, will make it possible to calculate with unprecedented accuracy such global entities as the circumference of the Earth or the date of the end of the world predicted in the Bible.