Unlucky driver blew up his car with air freshener

The West Yorkshire Fire Department (UK) released details of a car bomb incident that occurred over the weekend. The car was in a traffic jam in Halifax, its driver got bored and he lit a cigarette. Seconds later, there was an explosion that rattled windows in nearby buildings.

Fortunately, the culprit of the incident himself did not receive serious injuries. The investigation revealed that the explosion was caused by ... a car scent. As it turned out, the victim constantly used air purification and aromatization agents in the cabin, and recently he switched from passive air fresheners to sprays.

As noted by British firefighters, sometimes it is still worth “reading what is written on the can”. And there it was clearly stated that aromatic vapors not only have a pleasant smell, but also belong to the category of flammable substances. How much mixture the injured driver managed to spray inside the passenger compartment is now difficult to say. But the explosion knocked out both the windshield and side windows, and also jammed one of the doors.

Firefighters add that this is not the first incident of this kind. People stubbornly ignore important information that is specially placed on labels and packaging for this purpose. And in vain, really in vain.