Bladder cancer is successfully treated ... with anthrax

Researchers from Purdue University (USA) have developed an experimental cancer control method based on the use of an extremely unexpected tool - anthrax. They turned the most dangerous microorganism into a weapon that uses its ability to hit living tissues extremely quickly. Cancer cells turned out to be as vulnerable as all others, the question was one - how to hit only them?

One of the study's authors, Ruben Claudio Aguilar, explains the choice of the bladder as the initial target. First, cancer of this organ is very common and often recurs. Secondly, its treatment is simple, but extremely unpleasant and painful for patients. But the main thing - and this is the third - the bladder has already been created by nature itself as a protective container that can withstand the effects of toxins. In fact, it is almost analogous to a laboratory test tube.

Tissue Imaging Results from a Dog with Bladder Cancer

In standard treatment, a catheter is inserted through the urethra and the mixture is fed into the bladder. It remains inside for several hours, after which it is drained through the same catheter. The scientists decided to replace the mixture with a dose of anthrax placed in a nutrient medium containing growth inhibitors. Once inside the bladder, the disease immediately begins to attack open cancer cells, but cannot go beyond the protective layer of the organ.

Experiments have shown amazing results - the ulcer destroys cancer cells in a matter of seconds, so the entire treatment session takes only three minutes. Experiments have confirmed the effectiveness and safety of the method when working with the human bladder in laboratory conditions, as well as in the treatment of animals with bladder cancer. Interestingly, the mixture with the ulcer had no effect on healthy animals, which confirms the safety of its use. Clinical trials on volunteers are next.