The new program will allow you to look at the world through the eyes of different animals

Researchers at the Universities of Queensland (Australia) and Exeter (UK) have developed a visualization system that allows you to look at the world through the eyes of various animals.

Scientists have spent four years developing special software that is compatible with computers and smartphones. Now it is enough to upload a photo to see the same image from the “point of view” of different animals.

A flower meadow through the eyes of a bee (left) and a person (right)

Humans, like the monkeys of the Old World, are trichromatic, which means that our eyes contain photoreceptors that are sensitive to three colors (red, green, and blue). Unlike us, for dogs the most contrasting colors are blue and yellow. Cats have 7 times sharper vision than humans, and the world for them is colored in three colors - blue, gray and green. Arctic reindeer have an extra receptor that allows them to see the ultraviolet light that their main food, lichen, emits.

Understanding how animals see the world around them will help to understand the features of their behavior, in particular, how they find partners, hunt for prey and hide from predators.