Archaeologists accidentally discover a Viking ship buried 1000 years ago

Archaeologists from the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NICU) discovered on the territory of one of the farms in the city of Eden a ship buried about 1000 years ago, apparently belonging to either the Viking Age (VIII-XI century) or the Merovingian era (V-VIII century .).

The ship was discovered using GPR - partly due to the embankment that surrounded the ship, which was characteristic of the ritual rituals of the time. In a similar way, in 2018, the GJellstad ship was discovered near a mound in Ostfold County at a depth of about 50 cm.

As is often the case, the unique find was discovered by archaeologist Manuel Gubler quite by accident as a result of a survey of the area adjacent to the place of work of archaeologists.

Unfortunately, the ship suffered from contact with the plow during agricultural work, which reduced the length of the ancient ship from the original 16-17 meters. The team of scientists intends to continue research in the area where the find was found. Her further fate is in the hands of the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Board.