Strawberry-flavored HIV drug could save hundreds of thousands of children

About 80, 000 children and babies die from HIV every year around the world, and this is partly due to the difficulty of taking medication: it is difficult for a baby to swallow a regular pill or syrup with alcohol. Quadrimune solves this problem.

This is a new HIV drug and is made up of strawberry-flavored granules that are much easier to swallow. What's more, they can be mixed with mild baby food and drinks.

Quadrimune is formulated with four recommended antiretroviral drugs that do not require refrigeration - important, for example, in hot African climates where electricity is scarce.

It is very important that the drug is relatively inexpensive: Quadrimune will cost less than a dollar a day for a child weighing 9 to 13 kg and 50 cents a day for young children.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may approve Quadrimune in 2020, which is critical in the fight against one of the most dangerous infectious diseases of our time.