First full lung transplant for vaping victim performed in USA

The Detroit Henry Ford Hospital, USA, reported that the first patient with a fully transplanted lung was on the mend. The operation was unplanned and largely experimental. Doctors ventured into a huge risk due to despair - the 17-year-old athlete became one of the victims of the epidemic of deaths from vaping that hit America and was already half a step away from death.

The young man, who had never complained of health, was urgently hospitalized on September 5 due to acute breathing problems. Already on September 12, he was transferred to artificial lung ventilation, and a week later the situation deteriorated so much that the patient was transferred to another hospital and connected to the life support system. After a month of the patient's stay on the brink of death, the council of doctors managed to overcome the bureaucracy and the young man was out of turn included in the list for lung transplantation, which was carried out in an extremely short time.

Hassan Nemech, a transplant doctor with 20 years of experience, said he was horrified. The patient's lungs were full of inflammation, scars and spots of dead tissue, they were so hard that they had to almost be pulled out of the body. There was nothing to treat there, so the doctors took the risk and transplanted both lungs to the young man at once.

Today, when a month has passed since the operation, we can state that it was a success, the main danger has passed. The patient can already eat, speak and begin to walk on his own. Doctors hope that the young body will cope, but they are not going to give long-term forecasts. The main question so far remains unanswered - what caused this mysterious epidemic, which is killing people so quickly?