Human-sized remains of ancient penguins found in New Zealand

In New Zealand, in an area called Waipara Greensand, where the remains of extinct creatures are often found, another important find has been made. Scientists have found the bones of an ancient giant penguin called Crossvallia waiparensis. The growth of the creature reached 1.6 m, and the weight could reach 80 kg, which makes it comparable in size to a person.

This is not the largest of the extinct penguins - for example, Kumimanu biceae could reach 100 kg with a slightly longer body. And such a monster as Palaeeudyptes klekowskii even weighed 115 kg with a growth of more than 2 m. But here's a remarkable fact: all these species are close relatives. They existed tens of millions of years ago, when Antarctica, Australia and New Zealand were, if not a single whole, then much closer to each other than they are now.

In those days, these territories were covered with dense forests, there was warmth and a lot of food, which allowed the penguins to evolve into giants. But the century of their domination was short-lived - the climate changed and in the conditions of the beginning of the cold snap the penguins began to lose the struggle for food with other sea creatures. Unlike whales, they could not swim to distant lands, and did not become fierce predators like leopard seals, but instead shrank in size.