NASA has published the first results of the famous "experiment with twins"

NASA representatives made an encouraging statement, from which it follows that it is too early to put an end to the human flight to Mars. In the course of the last experiment with twin brothers Scott and Mark Kelly, difficult to explain, but interesting things were discovered. And they indicate that the human body is ready to mutate purposefully in order to survive in the extreme environment of space.

A full report on the previously secret results of the experiment will be published in the future, so the information is sketchy. And the main essence of the statement is that there are more prerequisites for preparing a man's flight to Mars than risk factors. In particular, many scientists from NASA are now firmly convinced that the discoverers will be able to survive for 2, 5 years of flight back and forth, if only they are protected from radiation.

It turns out that during his stay in space, the immune system of astronaut Scott Kelly constantly increased its power, as if preparing to repel an attack. His body went into an almost continuous mode of high alert, the body constantly sensed danger and checked its reserves in search of a response solution. And this was observed not only at the cellular, but also at the gene level - blood tests showed gene expression, which is considered a reliable indicator of evolutionary processes.

Scott Kelly was on the ISS for only one year, and changes in his body and genes were found only in comparison with samples from the body of his twin brother Mark. Scientists have no other reliable data sources yet, so no specific conclusions should be drawn yet. But specialists from NASA are pleased with the fact that a person was capable of internal changes and transformation in order to survive in an extreme environment. This means that the chances of astroauts to survive the flight to Mars increase many times over.