Lightning has a strange healing effect on the cells of living organisms

Every second, 2, 000 thunderstorms occur on Earth, which generate numerous lightning strikes. Energy flows from them constantly resonate between the planet and the ionosphere, this phenomenon is called Schumann resonances, and they, in turn, generate ultra-low-frequency electromagnetic fields. Recently, the University of Tel Aviv discovered that these fields have a stimulating effect on living cells and can even heal them.

All life on Earth, one way or another, is associated with ELF fields, because their influence is spreading everywhere. And the version of Israeli scientists that these fields affect the evolution of life looks quite plausible. They found that under certain conditions, ELF fields force cells to change, protecting themselves from damage in extreme conditions.

In the experiment, scientists reproduced ELF fields with a frequency of 7, 6-8 Hz, after which they irradiated crops from rat heart muscle cells for 30-40 minutes. During this time, the cells showed a range of reactions, from a decrease in spontaneous contractions to the release of creatine kinase, which is considered a protective response to negative conditions. That is, the electromagnetic field forced the cells to defend themselves, and after it was turned off, their state returned to normal.

This discovery sheds light on a long-standing question - why all living organisms in their diversity have electrical activity in the same spectral range? Previously, even this activity itself was disputed, but now the connection between radiation and the vital processes of cells has been proven. And scientists hope to find a way to apply it therapeutically, to treat or prevent health problems.