New vaccine protects against all types of Ebola virus

Five strains of the Ebola virus are currently known and several vaccines have been developed to treat them. However, researchers at the University of Texas have succeeded in creating a universal vaccine MBP134, a cocktail of two antibodies that is effective against all forms of this deadly infection.

Its effect has been successfully tested on non-human primates and ferrets, which received single injections at the rate of 25 mg per kg of body weight. The objects of research were strains of Ebola - Bundibuge, Sudan and the deadliest strain of Zaire, which caused the epidemic that raged in 2013-2016 in West Africa and continues to this day in the Republic of Congo.

Scientists hope that the MBP134 vaccine they received, after all tests and launch into production, will be just as effective against possible new strains of this dangerous disease. Any effort that goes into fighting filoviruses like Ebola will ultimately be justified. Especially in light of the recent discovery of a previously unknown virus in this family.