China's new fusion plant could produce clean fuel - or bombs

Thermonuclear plant in Mianyang

With the global cessation of testing of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons, work on improving them did not stop, but thanks to the latest technologies, they moved to a new level. So, at one time in the United States, on the basis of the Sandia National Laboratories (SNL), the so-called Z-machine - "Z Pulsed Power Facility" was created. With its help, American scientists experimented with processes taking place at ultra-high temperatures.

Not lagging behind the United States and China. According to the South China Morning Post, an installation is under way in Mianyan City, Sichuan Province, with the help of which civilian and military specialists will be able to simulate thermonuclear processes.

It is expected that the capacity of the Chinese plant, which will be launched "in a few years", will surpass the American one by almost 22 times and will reach 60 million joules (versus 2.7 million on the Z-machine).

Liu Bo, an associate professor at the Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology of Sichuan University, told the publication that the installation will generate an unprecedented powerful impulse, which will allow heating the target objects to 100 million ° C, and in the future - launch a thermonuclear reaction.

The participation of civilian and military specialists in the creation of the installation is not accidental, since the research will be carried out both in the interests of defense and for peaceful purposes.

Sandia Laboratory Z-Machine