Cell phones do cause cancer - but under very specific conditions

In the United States, an extensive study "National Toxicology Program", which lasted almost 20 years, was completed and was devoted to the study of the effects of radiation from electronics on living things. Specifically, radio signals from mobile phones, which just became fashionable in 1999 and spread unusually quickly. The results of the study are depressing, but also a little encouraging.

The main question is: can exposure to radiation from the phone provoke cancer? And after twenty years of research, experts answer: yes, it can. But only in very specific cases. In most experiments, mice and rats were irradiated for 9 hours a day for 2-3 years in a row, after which malignant schwannomas, nerve tumors were found in 5-7%, and fatal brain tumors in 2-3% of gliomas. This has been tested dozens of times in control groups - it was the radiation from the phone that caused cancer in mice.

From an official point of view, the conclusion is as follows. There is a clear link between radiation and the development of schwannomas and a relative relationship with gliomas. That is, yes, mobile phones are potentially dangerous, but there are many buts. First, technology has made great strides and today signals are transmitted on other frequencies. Secondly, 9 hours a day of continuous irradiation of the whole body is not at all the same as carrying a smartphone in your pocket and periodically applying it to your head. Thirdly, mice and humans still have different physiology, and this is important.

In total, a paradoxical and absolutely accurate conclusion can be drawn. Gadgets are almost harmless if not overused, that's all!