The smallest dinosaurs in history were about the size of a sparrow

Most dinosaurs in the mass sense are giants, with titles like "the largest predator in the history of the planet." Recently, however, paleontologists have encountered a different extreme. Traces of Dromaeosauriformipes rarus have been found in the Jinju Formation in South Korea. This type of dinosaur was so tiny that it could fit in the palm of a person.

Science knows both relatively small dinosaurs, velociraptors and yutaraptors as tall as a man, and very tiny - the "Chinese microraptor" did not grow larger than a modern sparrow. Found traces of Dromaeosauriformipes, prints on ancient soil, are only 1 centimeter long.

And it was exactly a dinosaur, and an active and very aggressive predator. The track is two-fingered, the pressure distribution shows that the third finger was a sharp spur raised above the ground. These are typical signs of a predator, probably of the gregarious type. But there is one catch - it is not possible to understand from the paw prints whether this is an adult or a cub?

Even when it comes to cubs, and the adults were much larger, Dromaeosauriformipes rarus remains one of the smallest dinosaurs in history. Alas, scientists have little hope of finding its skeleton, again, because of such a size, the bones could easily be scattered by other animals or they corny decayed due to the small amount of substance. But the age of the prints is known - 110 million years BC.