Ecstasy overcame post-traumatic stress in 76% of patients

Several studies were published in the journal Psychopharmacology last week. According to one of them, the use of the drug "ecstasy" in combination with standard psychotherapy has led to a radical solution to the problem of post-traumatic stress disorder (often known as "Afghan syndrome").

Other studies have already been purposefully organized as part of a second phase of testing ecstasy as a PTSD drug for the US Food and Drug Administration. The task of doctors was to prove that its use is safe for patients, and this has not yet been achieved - the tests are ongoing. But it is precisely established that 76% of the participants got rid of the symptoms of PTSD after treatment, however, the sample is still more than modest - only 28 patients.

This discovery may become another reason for the American authorities and regulatory authorities around the world to revise the rules for the use and distribution of certain types of drugs. First medicinal marijuana, then psilocybin mushrooms, now estasi - all of these substances, previously called "dangerous drugs" by default, are now viewed as therapeutic agents with proven healing effects. Of course, they will not be allowed into free circulation, and will be sold only by prescription. If there are no other problems, ecstasy can legally appear in US pharmacies within 3-4 years.