Mysterious headless "monster chicken" spotted in Antarctic waters

A team of researchers from the Australian Antarctic Science Department continues to make discoveries. They chose as a testing ground the most little-known areas on the east coast of Antarctica, where practically no one has been and certainly has not plunged into the local depths. The approach brought a natural result - almost immediately they came across a hitherto unknown species "Enypniastes eximia", aka sea cucumber.

For the press, the find was dubbed by its appearance - "headless chicken", because the structure of the creature's body resembles a frozen chicken carcass. It really does not have a head, but it has a semblance of wing-fins, plus an impressive set of tentacles, which is suggestive of monsters from Lovecraft's works. This alien from the cold depths does not pose any danger, but the very fact of his finding is mesmerizing.

The point is partly that sea cucumbers of this kind traditionally live in the Gulf of Mexico, in completely different natural conditions. Warm near-equatorial waters and the cold Antarctic sea - it is extremely interesting to find out why both there and there evolution followed the same path and gave rise to such strange creatures. This is the first discovery of its kind in polar waters, but the researchers hope it won't be the last.

The bright and amazing "monster chicken" has become a new argument in organizing a nature conservation zone in this region. If such unusual creatures live here, then it is necessary to ban the use of the local waters for commercial purposes as soon as possible in order to keep their world intact for future research.