Endurance Exercises Delay Old Age More Effectively than Strength Exercises

All physicians, biologists and physiologists strongly recommend leading an active lifestyle and using physical activity to improve quality - and, most importantly, longevity. But until recently it was, rather, an opposition to a sedentary, passive way of existence - that one definitely shortens the years, so you need to do the opposite. Now is the time to look at the situation differently and find out which exercises really increase the human age.

But how is this to be measured? Simpler than it sounds - all our chromosomes have telomere stubs at the ends. These formations slowly but continuously degrade, and when they are completely worn out, cell death occurs. Scientists at the University of Leipzig conducted an experiment to understand the effects of physical activity on telomeres. The tests involved 266 volunteers, who were divided into groups: marathon running, fitness and strength training on simulators. The control group did not exercise at all.

All volunteers worked for half a year according to a separate program that could be adjusted. Telomere samples were taken from all participants to study the changes taking place. It turned out that in the first group (runners), the activity of the telomerase enzyme increased, and the telomeres themselves stopped destruction and even grew a little.

In the second group (fitness), the indicators remained normal, the telomeres did not change, in the third (strength exercises), the researchers saw a typical picture - against the background of muscle growth, the state of the telomeres themselves worsened. Not faster than that of an ordinary person, and the subjects' health was normal, which made it possible to conclude that this type of physical activity can be useful, but does not prolong life. Fitness, gymnastics, working with a smart trainer can slow down the aging process, but constant measured load, endurance training, can even prolong a person's life. This also fits the logic of evolution - the light, agile ancestor of humans relied on endurance to overcome all the trials that fell to his lot.