A giant prototype of a Martian city will be built in Dubai

The capital of the UAE, Dubai is known for two of the world's largest megastructures - the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall. Apparently not wanting to lose the conquered leadership, the UAE government announced the start of the next megaproject called Mars Science City, developed by the famous architect and founder of the Big company - Bjarke Ingels.

In terms of scale, it is in no way inferior to its famous predecessors. On an area of ​​about 180 thousand square meters. m will stretch out an unusual city - the prototype of future Martian settlements. It will consist of several transparent domes - geodoms, where people can live autonomously for a year, imitating the life of a Martian colony. The project cost is estimated at $ 140 million.

Several scientific laboratories will be located on the territory of Mars Science City, which will be engaged in the cultivation of "Martian" crops. It is assumed that the city will be fully self-sufficient in energy and fresh water. A museum of the greatest space achievements will also be opened here, and its walls will be 3D-printed using the sand of the surrounding deserts.

Speaking about the significance of the project, UAE Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid said:

“Mars Science City will be the UAE's significant contribution to global science. We strive to be an example for others, making a feasible contribution to space exploration. "

The project is long-term. It is designed for 100 years, so it will be carried out in several stages.