A major international player enters the Russian video editing market - InVideo

One of the most effective ways to summarize and visualize a large amount of information is with infographics. Especially if it is assembled into a convenient presentation. Concurrently, this same method - turning individual frames into a slideshow - is great for saving any memorable collages, from holidays to travel. Software manufacturers have long understood this and now offer a wide range of programs for creating slideshows.

One of the major players in this market is InVideo, which specializes in software development for working with visual content and social networks. Not so long ago, the company chose Russia to expand its service area and localized one of its best products for this - the Slideshow Maker slideshow program. It is an online service for creating spectacular - and effective - slideshows with many built-in options.

The basic functionality of Slideshow Maker allows you to create photo films from uploaded frames with the imposition of music, text and special effects. It's very simple: first of all, choose the right template - InVideo offers many ready-made options (including premium ones) for all occasions. Then upload your photos or choose from the millions of stock images available in the program itself. After that, choose the colors that you will use in the slideshow and add the text that will appear on the frames. Find the right tracks in the InVideo library - they're free and hand-picked so you don't have copyright issues.

Add spectacular transitions and animations to combine photos, videos, and music. Then press a single button and you're done! Now you have a stylish video presentation in your hands, which took only a few minutes to create. And all this - right in your browser in the window of the free service. The premium version of Slideshow Maker offers an even richer set of options. It adds the ability to remove developer watermarks (this is useful when creating branded videos), more than 3, 000 customizable video templates, more than 3, 000, 000 standard and more than 1, 000, 000 premium stock photos and videos. In addition, the advanced version includes functions for automatically converting text into natural speech and uploading the finished presentation to any social network at the touch of a button. Plus, this version removes any restrictions on the number of slideshows you can create per month, and on the number of participants who can simultaneously work on one video project.

In addition to the rich functionality of the Slideshow Maker itself, InVideo offers many tutorials and tutorials for creating truly effective presentations for a wide variety of tasks. As a rule, they are optimized for a specific social network - the possibilities for presenting visual information, for example, on Instagram differ from those of Facebook. All of these guides are collected in the company's blog, but there is a nuance here. Since InVideo is an international company, the materials on its blog are written in English. She recently came to the Russian market and many useful texts from her library have not yet been localized - but this is most likely just a matter of time.