Australia launches Shazam for spiders

Australia is known in the world not only for its unique nature, but also for the presence in it of a large number of creatures that are deadly to humans. However, not all residents of the country and, moreover, its guests will be able to distinguish a harmless domestic spider from killer spiders such as the Australian widow.

IT professionals Nick and Murray Sker have partnered with CSIRO to develop the Shazam-powered Critterpedia app. Only instead of a sounding melody, it helps to determine the type of spider you meet.

Critterpedia uses a machine learning engine to automatically detect different types of spiders and snakes. Naturally, an AI algorithm requires tens of thousands of images to accurately identify them.

In this regard, CSIRO and its research division Data 61 are looking forward to the participation of as many volunteers as possible, who will send photos of spiders and snakes they encounter in the wild.

Anyone wishing to participate in the project can register on the application website. CSIRO hopes Critterpedia will continue to help save lives - as well as pets.