This free app will show you when your smartphone is spying on you

Apple introduced a useful feature in iOS 14 that shows a special indicator on the iPhone or iPad every time an app uses a microphone or camera. This allows you to know exactly when your gadget is recording photos and videos - even if it shouldn't.

There are many apps in the Android ecosystem that have been spotted for this behavior over the years. If you want to take control of your smartphone's activity, you need a dedicated app like Access Dots.

This is a free application that shows a simple dot in the corner of the screen of your choice when some other application activates the microphone or camera of the phone. If you see a green or orange dot on the screen, check the list of running applications and determine which of them is listening.

Currently, Access Dots does not show the name of the application that intercepted access to the camera or microphone. It is possible that the developers will add this feature in future updates. The application is available in the Play Store, all functionality is open in the free version. A small donation to the developers will unlock some customization options, such as the size of the dot and its position on the screen.