Voicemod app lets you speak with the voice of Darth Vader

Voicemode software for PC has gained popularity among participants in virtual conversations and conferences, making them more interesting. Now the owners of smartphones got access to it. According to The Verge, the Voicemod developers have launched a new free application for the iPhone and an Android version is expected in the near future.

The Voicemod service is very simple and affordable. The app offers up to 12 new voice filters every day that you can use to record unique audio messages for friends or social media clips. So, for example, thanks to the application, you can speak with the voice of a zombie or Darth Vader. Another option is a voice that sounds inside a cave or cathedral.

Voicemod users will be able to record one minute clips. At the same time, the files are saved in video format, which makes it possible to share them with friends outside the application. The free version is free of ads, but unlocking all 60 available filters may become paid in the future.