Snapchat's new filters use augmented reality for social distancing

Developers of numerous Internet applications are increasingly involved in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. A fresh example is Snapchat, whose authors offered users a new set of two filters or, as they are called in the application itself, lenses, created in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO).

One of them, called "My Social Distance" ("My social distance") encourages users to "maintain a social distancing regime." To do this, it is enough to point the smartphone camera at the selected object, and visual circles will appear on the screen in augmented reality mode, indicating the boundaries of the safe space recommended by the WHO.

Another lens offers an animated picture with recommendations on how to wash your hands properly, why you need to be at home during quarantine and try not to touch your face.

Both lenses direct users to the WHO website for additional safety tips in an epidemic.