How to play the secret game in Microsoft Edge

New builds of Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev browser have an Easter egg available to any savvy user. Originally part of the dynamic component of the complex Edge logo, it has now become a surfer game hidden in the browser itself. With the next update, it will reach the user's browsers - so here's an instruction on how to play it!

To start the game, just type the command "edge: // surf" in the search bar. You can play using a keyboard or gamepad, the latter being preferred. The gameplay consists in maneuvering among the waves, dodging obstacles - in the game you need to hold out as long as possible. The player character has life and energy points for more precise control over the situation.

For avid gamers, several modes have been added to the game. The first, for beginners, increases the clarity of obstacles and slows down to make it easier to navigate among the waves. The second mode is an uncompromising race against the clock. In the third, called "Zig Zag", you need to tack to get through many goal-gates and score maximum points.