Ambient Mode turns your Android smartphone into a smart display while charging

Google quietly developed a new feature for Android - "Google Assistant Ambient Mode". It is activated while charging the gadget.

In short, "Ambient Mode" is a mode that opens up quick access to several smartphone functions for gadgets "tied" to it - for example, information in the form of widgets is displayed on the lock screen from smart home devices. In this format, it is very comfortable to interact with them both with your hands and with the help of voice commands.

Thanks to "Ambient Mode", the user gets the opportunity to turn off electrical appliances at home, being thousands of kilometers away from him, or monitor the situation on the roads before getting behind the wheel of his car. Ambient Mode will also remind you of what the user has planned for the day, or will allow you to view video from home surveillance cameras.

An important condition for the operation of "Ambient Mode" is the mandatory connection of the smartphone to the outlet, since in active mode it requires a large amount of energy.

Starting next week, "Ambient Mode" will be available to the majority of users on a range of Android devices, including Sony Xperia, Nokia, Transsion, Xiaomi phones, as well as the Lenovo Smart Tab M8 HD and Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab. The feature will be available on these devices with Voice Match screen unlock.

To activate this mode, you need to open the Google Search application, click "More" - "Settings" - "Google Assistant", then the "Assistant" tab, then scroll down to "Phone" in the "Assistant devices" section, then down, where you will need to check the "Ambient Mode" checkbox.