Google Introduces Three Tools To Protect Your Personal Information

Google has launched "Cybersecurity Awareness Month", in which it presented several new tools and life hacks. For example, a password manager for logging into Chrome and Android accounts, which will show their weaknesses, notify if the password has been compromised by recent hacks, and track the use of the same character combinations for different accounts.

The Google Maps service will have an "incognito" mode, first on Android, and by the end of the month for iOS. When activated, it will be possible to work with maps as before, but no information about the user's activity will be saved. Also, the functions related to the personalization of work will be automatically disabled, which can cause some difficulties. In this mode, no traces of working with maps will remain in the account.

YouTube will add a feature to automatically clean up browsing history and web data, which can be configured to clean up traces at specific intervals. For example, delete all data older than 3 months or half a year. It will work similarly to the clearing history feature in browsers.

And you can also quickly delete the history of requests using the voice assistant, simply by asking him about it. To do this, you do not need to pick up your smartphone and launch the application, it will be enough just to say "Hey Google, delete everything I asked about today." But there is one limitation - this way you can remove only fresh requests, information from a week ago will have to be deleted manually through the application.