A loser virus appeared on the network, which penetrates smartphones via SMS

ESET representatives announced the detection of new Android / Filecoder.C malware. It looks like an artifact of novice hackers - a set of elements from previously proven viruses, and therefore can be considered conditionally harmless. The ransomware can create problems with it, but they can be easily overcome without paying the ransom.

The virus was first detected in messages on the Reddit and Android XDA Developers portals on July 12, 2019. It disguises itself as porn content and runs in the background. After being installed on a smartphone, the virus sends itself via SMS to the list of contacts in the infected gadget, and then proceeds to encrypt files and demand a ransom.

It should be noted that Filecoder does not touch some system files, and retains the ability to use a smartphone. The encryption mechanism itself is a clear copy of the work of the famous WannaCry, but in a more simplified form. Encryption uses a pair of keys, and the private key can be decrypted with some trickery. And thus save $ 98-198 instead of paying the ransom.