New Opportunity simulator will allow exploration of Mars in virtual reality

After 15 years, the mission of the famous rover Opportunity has come to an end. However, the memory of him was so strong that the developer of games for virtual reality decided to try to revive the rover in a new game. It will allow gamers to travel to Mars and "see" it the way Opportunity cameras saw it.

It was based on the Red Rover rover simulator project, which used an abstract model of a Mars rover plowing the vastness of the Red Planet. The game did not have missions or tasks, but it used data from the Mars High Science Imaging Science Experiment satellite to display the environment. Thousands of detailed images were turned into 3D graphics, and when NASA announced the completion of the Opportunity mission, the game's author, Alan Chan, decided to take a kind of memorable tour of the rover's famous places of glory.

The NASA website has excellent 3D models of Opportunity, plus a wealth of historical data on its route around Victoria Crater. Thanks to the Unreal engine, Chan was able to add new content to the game and recreate the Opportunity path. Players still need to navigate the rover through the ash-crimson landscape, but now they will be able to "visit" the points where the famous device made its discoveries. This is a very unusual chance to relive historical discoveries with the effect of being on the spot.