After Android license revocation, Huawei is ready to switch to its own OS "Hongmeng"

Accidents are not accidental - literally the next day after Google refused to cooperate with Huawei, information appeared about the transition of the Chinese brand to an operating system of its own design. This information has not yet been officially confirmed, however, Huawei CEO Richard Yu pointed out such a development of events.In March, he hinted that his company was not afraid of increased US sanctions, as it had insured itself and prepared its OS for mobile gadgets.

According to insiders, Huawei was preoccupied with the problem long before the start of the trade wars, and it cannot be ruled out that the true plans of the Chinese were more ambitious than mere concern for security. The operating system "Hongmeng" began to be developed in 2012, it has been perfected long ago and has even been used for several years on various Huawei smartphones that are not intended for sale. That is, the company was ready to abandon Android at any time with minimal risk to itself.

True, it is not yet entirely clear what the word "Hongmeng" means - the codename of the project, the name of only the new OS, or is it a whole platform?