Minecraft Earth could be the next hit in augmented reality

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the famous Minecraft project, Microsoft has introduced a new game in this universe. It is called "Minecraft Earth" and is made using augmented reality technology. The entire surrounding space will become the playing field - only a smartphone is required to participate.

The new game is not so much a replica or continuation of the original Minecraft, as its adaptation for augmented reality. The project is made on the Bedrock engine, which imposes its own characteristics, notes its director, Torfi Olafsson. "If you like looking at flowing water or pouring sand, or if you like building cars from Redstone, this is a game for you."

One of the main features of Minecraft Earth will be the multiplayer mode, which makes it possible for several players to interact with game objects. This will give rise to natural competition, the ability to harm the "enemy", as well as the need to enter into alliances and act together to resist opponents. Since the players themselves will be in the real world, this will provide a colossal variety of situations and tactics of action. The history of Pokemon Go has already shown the promise and scale of such entertainment.

The beta version of Minecraft Earth will be released this summer.