Microsoft implements artificial intelligence in Word to help copywriters

The online version of the MS Word text editor has received a new function based on the use of machine learning methods. This is a narrowly targeted artificial intelligence called "Ideas", which does not so much check the compliance of the typed text with the rules, but rather "improve it." Simply put, it makes the text beautiful and concise.

The AI ​​“Ideas” was personally introduced by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella during the Microsoft Build Developers Conference. The main advantage of the service is that it can argue, justify its point of view and the desire to change a fragment of the text. AI knows how to delve into the essence of what is written and interpret it, which allows it to choose more concise and understandable synonyms and build phrase constructions.

To help readers, the AI ​​"Ideas" is able to analyze text, find key facts and theses, and decipher abbreviations using the Microsoft Graph service. He can estimate in advance the time to read the text and its "usefulness", and the connection of the Word Designer function expands its scope and to work with tables. The first users have already noticed the similarity of the novelty with the capabilities of a paid add-on for Word called Grammarly.

Those who work with the Office 365 software will be able to get acquainted with "Ideas" in June this year. All others will have access to AI no earlier than autumn.