The Lc0 neural network won the World Chess Championship for the first time in history

Machine learning chess computer Lc0 won the World Computer Chess Championship last weekend. This is the first neural network in the world to win the highest chess title among computer rivals. Lc0 overtook the runner-up Stockfish. The outcome of the match was decided in the blitz-final, where Lc0 confidently won with a score of 167, 5: 300.

In total, four participants reached the final. In addition to Stockfish, Lc0 met with Leelenstein and Antifish neural networks, which took third and fourth places, respectively. After the end of the tournament, its rules were updated. Now, no more than two participants with a significant codebase can make it to the finals.

The open source Lc0 project comes from Google programmers who were inspired by the DeepMind AlphaZero neural network engine after a series of victories over Stockfish.

Now Lc0 will have to defend his title in the next tournament - CCC 8: Deep Dive, in which 24 of the world's best chess engines will take part, and 15 minutes are allotted for the game with a five-second increment.