An overview of the features and capabilities of Movavi Video Editor for Mac

Movavi Video Editor app for video and photo editing is now available for Mac Apple with support for macOS operating system. Thanks to the software, the video editor on Mac has fast loading characteristics, the ability to cut movies and pictures, as well as stylish filters and decorations.

The program will be of interest to both experienced editing masters and beginners who are just learning to edit files. Using the utility, you can stitch or cut clips, create postcards and slideshows from a set of photos, insert and edit audio tracks. After downloading the video editor for mac on the company's website at the link, you need to buy an activation key or use a limited version for 7 days.

Description of settings and menus

The application interface is simple, with an impressive set of tools and modules. The program contains 14 language settings, including support for the Russian menu. The main elements of the tools are located on the left side of the screen, the top panel consists of additional settings. The central part of the application is reserved for mounting and viewing files in the player. All manipulations with files, sound, decorations and filters are performed by dragging and dropping an object onto the mounting part of a video or image.

Video editing

Starting editing, we select the project option: automatic editing or manual mode. In the import tab, you can use options such as screen capture or recording from a web camera, adding sounds, backgrounds and clips to the project.

The timeline is divided into three parts, where the video is edited, the line for inserting and adjusting the titles, the lower part for working with audio. Above the timeline are additional functions that you can use to cut a file, undo an edit step, or crop the edges of a picture. The color correction option offers to adjust the quality in auto mode or choose the white balance and contrast of the fragment yourself. In the properties of the clip, the application will offer to increase the volume percentages, set the speed, or reverse playback. In the program, you can cut the sound from the video and add your own audio using the microphone option.

Adding filters and transitions

This module applies interesting filters to the film, with the help of which the image can change color, get glare and blur, acquire an artistic style. The selected filter option is applied by dragging and dropping to the desired area. Next, you can add transitions between videos by choosing from the program library options in the style of fade, blur, waves or scale.


A distinctive feature of the application is simple tools for adding text to video. For beginners, there is a section with step-by-step help on working with titles. In the module archive, you can choose various text overlay effects from simple frames to a cloud. The player on the right side of the program allows you to see the result before saving.

Additional features

To decorate the project, the application offers to use stickers and curly arrows. Animated templates help you achieve smooth frame motion, where you use checkboxes to set the animation gap. Dividing individual tracks allows you to delete an unnecessary section or create multiple files. The zoom and panorama option further helps to enhance the video. So, for example, a panorama in the form of zooming in offers to select a certain area of ​​the frame or to zoom out into the depth of the scene. To do this, you need to open a video fragment and apply the option to it.

For amateur video, you can use the stabilization tool, which removes frame shake. In the stabilization settings, the shaking parameter and the editing accuracy are set, after which the file can be processed. If you need to hide some part of the video, then it is better to use the censorship option. Using blur and squares of the selected area, a censored splash screen is superimposed.

Benefits of the program

  • easy navigation in Russian;
  • clear menu and variety of settings;
  • video, audio and photo editing options;
  • universal assembly table;
  • fast file formatting.

In conclusion, I would like to add that the version of Movavi Video Editor for Mac works quickly and without freezes, has built-in tips, rich functionality, the ability to convert formats and has an intuitive navigation. The program will be of interest to all those who have come across video cutting and overlaying titles to create postcards and design presentations. The application does an excellent job with complex tasks and has a number of advantages among the rest of the software.