WhatsApp has launched a special version of the messenger for entrepreneurs

WhatsApp Business for iOS, the business version of the messenger that launched last month in a limited number of countries, is now available globally. Thanks to her, small companies were able to connect with their customers. For WhatsApp users on Android, the app has been available since last year.

WhatsApp Business allows business people to provide potential customers with general information about the company - email or store address, as well as use welcome or other service messages.

The WhatsApp Business app should not be confused with the WhatsApp Business API, a paid service aimed at much larger companies. It allows companies to send business notifications as well as respond to customer inquiries. It is currently one of the few “direct” sources of income for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business is currently only available in Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, India, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States, but will roll out to other countries around the world in the next few weeks.