Artificial intelligence coParenter will help resolve disputes between divorced spouses

Family law teacher and 20-year-old judge, Cheryl Ellsworth believes that the legal system in the United States only destroys families. After a divorce, former spouses are constantly unable to solve pressing issues of raising children. And often, instead of soberly discussing the problem, they prefer to solve it in the courtroom. They need an impartial intermediary - and that could be the artificial intelligence "coParenter".

coParenter is an extensive project in which, in addition to ex-judge Ellsworth, IT specialists, managers, psychologists, doctors and conflict resolution experts, including veterans of the special services, took part. All of them act as "professionals" to whom users of the application of the same name can turn for advice on a specific issue. This is an extreme measure, and the main disputes between divorced parents are settled by artificial intelligence.

The task of AI is to meticulously collect and analyze all important information, from laundry bills to changes in a child's hobbies or weather forecasts. So that during the discussion, the parties do not blame each other, but can operate with facts, and make plans based on real data, and not emotions. AI will helpfully give out the necessary information and warn when someone makes a mistake, gets angry or provokes the interlocutor. It is better to cry out to the AI ​​and continue living than recklessly saying too much and ruining everything.

AI coParenter acts both as a mediator and as a consultant, he also gives direction, to which of the "professionals" it is better to turn. The service is paid, from $ 13 per month to $ 200 per year, which is much less than $ 250-500 per hour of work of an ordinary family lawyer. All information is confidential, but if one of the parents still wishes to resolve the issue in court, it can be used legally. But the goal of the project is precisely not to lead to this. During the year of test work, more than 4, 000 disputes between 2, 000 spouses have already been settled with the help of coParenter.