Google Docs introduces artificial intelligence to check spelling

Google Docs users now have access to an automatic text checker for complex grammar rules. In contrast to the traditional simple spell checker using dictionaries, a separate artificial intelligence is responsible for evaluating the text, using machine learning principles to achieve the best result. Google claims that their brainchild surpasses all existing analogues.

Approximately every fourth professional linguist strongly disagrees with the accepted interpretation of certain grammatical rules. There is no truth here, just as there is no single "correct" accent or reference set of epithets to describe something generally accepted. Therefore, a simple comparison of the rules and the text when checking is not enough, the AI ​​must be able to perceive the text as a human reader. Otherwise, his help will not make sense.

To this end, Google has developed machine learning algorithms to build a "correct" text model, replete with subtle details. All of them can and should be customized depending on the context - AI offers different options for replacing controversial words, phrases, phrases, and even the use of subordinate sentences. The existing literary and colloquial paradigms are taken as a basis, but this is also a self-learning system in order to create and memorize new rules.

The service is available for Suite Basic, Business and Enterprise users, it is integrated into the spelling checker and will be activated automatically. If the program underlines a word with a blue squiggly line, it makes sense to right-click and see what advice the new grammatical AI offers you.