Human wins debate over IBM's best artificial intelligence

After a series of defeats in various intellectual competitions and games, humanity was finally able to take revenge on artificial intelligence. Harish Natarajan defeated IBM's Miss Debater AI system during the Think Conference in a 25-minute controversy over preschool subsidies.

Each side had 15 minutes, during which they prepared a 4-minute presentation, a 4-minute rebuttal, and a 2-minute summary. A group of 700 journalists and professional debaters acted as judges, and based on the results of the debate, they unambiguously awarded the victory to a person. It is worth noting - not out of solidarity by species, many were seriously rooting for AI.

According to Natarajan himself, for AI, debate is the most difficult form of competition today. The point is that you need to have a triple skill set. First, be able to work with large amounts of data. Secondly, to have experience in forming clear and concise conclusions from cumbersome structures and sets of conditions. Third, be able to communicate your opinion using the richness of language, emotion and expression to win the audience's attention.

It is logical that AI has no problems on the first point, it has not yet been able to cope with the third, and the second raises a lot of questions. But to Miss Debater's credit, he did his best - AI processed a database of 10 billion records in magazines and newspapers, and then competently made a presentation. And he even chose an insinuating female voice for scoring, accompanying the performance with a hypnotic pattern on the monitor. According to Natarajan, one day the AI ​​will master all three skills perfectly and then a person will not have a chance to withstand it.