Doomba App Turns Home Robot Vacuum Cleaner Data Into Maps For Doom

Traditionally, during the winter holidays, people are interested in handicrafts, homemade products, various projects for the home, etc. Today, they are increasingly being implemented using digital technologies, and practical benefits are sometimes sacrificed to creativity. A striking and original example is the Doomba app from developer Rich Whitehouse, who found an alternative use for Roomba robots.

Roomba's algorithms force it to build a detailed map of the room in which it operates. This is data about the layout, placement of large objects, important objects in rooms, etc. And no one, except the robot itself, uses this information, except perhaps curious hackers. And Whitehouse suggests building virtual cards for computer games on its basis.

The developer used the Noesis tool to create a Doomba application into which you can load data from the robot's memory, and at the output receive a ready-made map for the classic Doom shooter. What if your living room and bathroom are the perfect arena for a deadly battle? If a child can easily build a fortress out of pillows or imagine that the floor is lava, then an adult already needs something more convincing. And everyone loves games.

In the current version, Doomba uses data from Roomba 980 robots, but support for all models of the brand is promised in the future. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, you can sketch a map by hand or use any drawing you like - this tool allows you to create maps for the game from an arbitrary image.