John Romero releases sequel to the legendary Doom

Twenty years after Doom revolutionized the industry, the franchise is still in demand, and the classic sprite-based, low-res levels still beckon gamers. John Romero, the ideologist of level design and gameplay, "the main man in Doom", has prepared a great gift for all fans of the series. In February 2019, a large-scale sequel to the game called "Sigil" will be released.

Officially, Sigil is positioned as a spiritual sequel to the fourth installment of the old The Ultimate Doom from 1995. Only a common word in the title makes it related to later remakes. Sigil will be released as a large and free addon to the classic game, so you will have to dig in the bins in search of the coveted floppy disks. Or download the game again - after installing the new item, you will find 9 levels for a single passage and 9 maps for a multiplayer game.

Formally, Sigil acts as a stand-alone mod for Doom, but over the years, not the most complex game code has been studied in such detail that there is a high probability of compatibility with other mods. For example - with the extremely popular Brutal Doom. Although the game itself is completely free, Romero Games also offers a collector's edition for $ 166. The luxurious box will contain a USB drive with the game, stylized as an old floppy disk, a T-shirt, CDs with soundtracks and additional materials, and several other gifts for fans of the game.