Force push from the Jedi arsenal is coming soon to virtual reality

Developer studio Virginia Tech has managed to bring to life one of the dreams of all fans of the Star Wars saga. They have transferred, albeit in virtual reality, the ability to use the Force to move objects. This is a new interface for virtual reality called "Force Push".

The term "Force Push" can be translated as "force push" and it is the basic, most beloved and instinctively applied technique of the Jedi and Sith of all levels. Not only in combat - the ability to concentrate mental power and, using telekinesis, to move various objects is universally useful. Developers from Virginia Tech decided to replace the Force Push system with traditional joysticks, gloves and other accessories for interacting with the environment in virtual reality.

The interface is built on the Unity engine, it needs the Oculus Rift CV1 headset to work, and the Leap Motion environment to capture hand movements. All attention is paid not to the gestures themselves, but to their physics - the system recognizes a huge number of gesture variations, their intensity and combinations. Simply put, in order to move something in virtual reality, you need to really concentrate and depict pressure, push, application of force with your hands. The same goes for spinning, twisting, throwing objects - and even the ability to break them, if supported in the app.

The advantage of this method is in its intuitive understanding by any person. Even those who have never seen a Jedi quickly learn to use their own hands to control a dynamic environment. Conversely, lazy Padawans are unlikely to achieve heights in this matter - they will have to hold on to the stick of the joystick, instead of making beautiful and spectacular passes with their hands. This approach increases the realism of the interface and even allows you to abandon feedback - the perception itself completes this effect by the reaction of objects to the user's hand gestures.