US Navy develops first virtual aircraft carrier simulator

The US Navy is working with the Office of Marine Research (ONR Global) to develop a simulator program for training aircraft carriers. They have at their disposal 3D technology based on video games, which for the first time gives military personnel of various specialties the opportunity to conduct training at bases.

At first glance, the deck of an aircraft carrier during flights is somewhat reminiscent of a disturbed anthill. In fact, the actions of each soldier and the entire crew are strictly regulated and coordinated as a result of a multilevel process of education and training.

The virtual simulator will significantly reduce the "training" costs with the help of special kits for advanced training of crews - TEP (Training Expansion Packs). In the process of modeling, screens, virtual reality headsets, ship systems, computer and real characters are used. All this makes it possible to simulate not only regular, but also emergency situations.