DoNotPay Robot Lawyer Sues Lawsuit at the Click of a Button

Famed for offering free legal services, DoNotPay, the AI-powered lawyer robot, is now on the iOS platform. The essence of the application is expressed by the phrase: "File a lawsuit at the touch of a button." Mostly we are talking about litigation with corporations and about complex civil cases to resolve disputes between people. Previously, this service was available on the robot lawyer website.

DoNotPay asks the client questions about the essence of the appeal and who he is filing a claim against. The robot then prepares the necessary documents for filing the application and creates the text of the speech that the client may have to give in court.

The robot was created by Joshua Browder when he was 18 years old. DoNotPay was originally intended to challenge numerous parking fines. Over time, Browder complicated the software of his brainchild, after which he began to offer legal services in most US states already on an expanded list of issues, including speculative ticket prices, delivery delays and illegal bank charges.

Currently, DoNotPay services are still free. It is, in essence, simply informing clients of their rights that they already have. In the future, however, Browder is considering charging fees for the most sophisticated, specialized legal advice.

Suffer someone with a simple push of a button