New horror game adapts to the player's fear

Red Meat Games has released its fifth VR game project featuring an original feedback function. Noteworthy fact: the release took place on Friday, July 13, 2018, because the game is made in the horror genre. Only this is a horror movie for all horror films - the application reacts to the player's heartbeat in order to frighten him even more effectively.

In Bring to Light, we act as the sole survivor of a strange, controversial subway accident. The player will have to go through the abandoned, but not dead tunnels in order to find the way to the light. Everything happens in virtual reality, and the emphasis is not on battles with enemies, but on the "very hectic" environment - most of the elements around the player are not at all static.

The behavior of the game world directly depends on how scared the player is. The application has the function of supporting a heart rate monitor, however, it will have to be purchased separately and you can only choose between the Rhos Scosche and Polar H10 models. And if the game sees that the player is relaxed, his heart rate is low, then it can add heat. Objects will start to fall, doors will slam, new sounds, lighting effects, etc. will appear. According to the developers, the result will not be long in coming - sweaty palms and trembling knees are guaranteed to the player.

If you look at the news more broadly, the game "Bring to Light" may be one of the first (in 2015 there was already an attempt), which uses biometric feedback. But it will clearly not be the last - in the studio Red Meat Games says that the potential of biometric accessories is growing. And in proportion to the release of new gadgets, it will be possible to introduce more and more new options into the gameplay, to the delight of gamers.